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voip communication

Strengthen communications, ramp-up collaboration, exchange data safely, protect data offsite.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses an Internet connection to make and receive phone calls. Voice, data, and video conferencing, are only some of the uses that VoIP systems merge into one seamless network, including features that enhance productivity for your team.

We are able to provide up to 10,000 VoIP lines to any location worldwide that is served with adequate Internet broadband, as well as providing SIP trunks.

We will provide and install VoIP desktop handsets.


We source connectivity from multiple carriers allowing us to pick-and-choose the best fit based on price, demonstrated performance, and reliability.

Big “savings”, offered by big companies, unfortunately, become more costly in the long run when teaser rates go up in smoke. We provide flat-rate bandwidth pricing, fixed over the contract term.

For Huntleigh, your success is our success. That is why we provide personalized solutions, as well as fast and courteous customer support, something that big companies promise and are challenged to actually deliver.

 Data Center and Colocation

Huntleigh offers the only El Paso carrier-neutral co-location facility which is located in a highly secured and protected building, on the second floor, in downtown El Paso.

We provide space, from 2U to multiple racks, to your own cage, with back-up power from a standby diesel generator, along with multi-threaded bandwidth connectivity. Our co-location center includes 24/7 manned security, redundant power and cooling.

Dependability, high quality customer support, and network security, are the service pillars that provide comforting assurance to our clients, from the moment they entrust their servers and network equipment to the care of Huntleigh Technology Group.


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Wi-Fi for Indoors, Outdoors, IoT, and IIoT Settings

Whether indoors, or outdoors, we’ll look closely with you, what your objectives are and develop possible solutions. After reviewing heat maps, we’ll locate where Wireless Access Points are best placed for maximum coverage. Huntleigh will install, manage, and monitor your Wi-Fi network.

Structured Cabling

Huntleigh will install CAT 5, CAT 6, and CAT 7 cable drops, as well as fiber optic cable drops.

Network Do-Overs and Infrastructure

Does your Telco closet, or server room, look like Spaghetti Marinara? Huntleigh will trace, unsnarl, re-organize, re-cable, test, tag, and manage your network infrastructure allowing you to breathe easier!

We will assist you with your Inside Plant and Outside Plant requirements.

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Everyone in your organization is able to chat, share files, and collaborate in real time, so there’s never a hurdle to productivity. Track changes on files and run voice or video meetings from anywhere in the world.

Modernize and streamline

Internal and external communications are structured, efficient, secure, and accessible supported by the right technology. We’ll design communications solutions that bring your organization into a new world of open, secure, and productive human connections.