A Cyber Risk Assessment is your digital telescope:
Zoom in and unveil the true depth of your cyber readiness!

Why Do I Need a Cyber Risk Assessment?

Actionable Insights: Receive a comprehensive, easy-to-digest report with actionable insights.

Expert Recommendations: Get specific follow-up steps and personalized recommendations.
Protective Measures: Safeguard your data with preventive, pro-active strategies.
Bulletproof Your Defense: This stress test exposes vulnerabilities so you are able to bolster your defenses before attackers strike.
Cybersecurity Validation: If you have a plan, validate its current effectiveness with independent, 3rd Party objective testing.
Start Strong: New to cybersecurity planning? This report offers a step-by-step action plan.
Avoid Catastrophic Fallout: Picture this – a data compromise cripples your operations, destroys customer trust, and leaves you exposed to legal nightmares. . Like to prevent this? Start now by fortifying and layering your defenses.
Cost-Effective Investment: At just $495 (a $1,500 value), the stress test offers exceptional value for the insights and peace of mind it brings. Consider it an investment in safeguarding your digital assets.

The Cold Reality of Cybercrime

No matter what industry you are in, cyber criminals don’t care.  On average, even without your knowledge, attempts to attack your business are happening 2.7 times per day.  More than 90% of the attacks that are successful are related to human error.  A compromise of your environment can cause immeasurable consequences up to and including losing your business.

Are you truly ready to face the horrifying consequences of a data compromise?

Find out with a Non-Intrusive High-Level Cyber Risk Assessment!

No strings attached, no further commitments – just pure insight.

Did You Know?

Cybersecurity Gaps Are More Common Than You Think!

Only 14% of SMBs have a cybersecurity plan..

47% of businesses without a budget account for 43% of cyber-attacks.
SMBs face 350% more social engineering attacks.
87% of attacked SMBs compromise customer data, facing legal jeopardy.
67% of SMBs lack in-house skills to address data compromises.
89% of SMBs are partnering with Managed Service Providers for protection.
Data compromises take 7.5 months to recover from, costing $170,000.

Many Organizations Just Falsely Assume That They Are Cybersecurity Ready!

Surprisingly, 72% of organizations believe that they are cyber prepared and 87% believe they have adequate safeguards in place. But is that really true?

The reality is probably very different. The ever-evolving threat landscape demands a fresh perspective and constant vigilance, on a continuous and ongoing basis.

The Terrifying Reality of Inaction:

Imagine waking up to the headlines: your data has been compromised, customer trust is shattered, and legal ramifications are quickly mounting. You never thought it could happen to you; but cyber threats spare no one. The consequences of overlooking your cybersecurity are chilling:

Reputation Damage: A data hack tarnishes your reputation, eroding customer trust and loyalty. Recovery becomes a costly uphill battle.

Legal Nightmare: Easily compromised customer data leads to legal chaos, regulatory penalties, and a precarious position with authorities.
Financial Fallout:Data breaches cost a fortune – an average of $170,000 in recovery expenses, not to mention lost revenue and customers.
Lingering Impact: Recovery takes time – 7.5 months on average. That’s 7.5 months of financial loss, operational disruption, and stress.

Act Now, Thrive Tomorrow!

Beyond the Test: Empowering Your Cybersecurity Journey

A 3rd Party’s Objective Cyber Risk Assessment is more than just a nice piece of paper – it’s the first step towards a resilient and structured digital future. It opens the door to enhanced security practices: a more robust cybersecurity strategy, with greater peace of mind, knowing you’re actively taking steps to protect what matters most.

Take A Proactive Step: Verify Your Cyber Protection Within 10 Days!

We encourage you to take action now to ensure your cyber protection truly matches the risks you face on a daily basis. You probably have no idea how intently you are being probed and tested 24/7, looking for a small vulnerability, or lapsed attention. Leap ahead of the hacker pack and assess the adequacy of your cybersecurity measures within the next 10 days. Don’t rely on assumptions, or hunches – test and confirm–we will help you through this process to a better and more secure future.

Seize the Opportunity Before It’s Too Late!

Your peace of mind is invaluable. Protecting your data, and your customer’s data, isn’t only about compliance – it’s about securing your organization’s future. Embrace this opportunity to know where you actually stand in the field, to be able to start fortifying your defenses.

Safeguard your data, protect your business, solidify your cybersecurity stance, and move forward with confidence!

The future of your business depends on it.