Demystifying the Process of
Getting Cyber Insurance –
What you Should Know

February 20, 1 PM – 1:45 PM ET


It is complex and it is only getting harder. Premiums are rising, requirements are stiffening, and the fine print is daunting. It is not the primary focus of your business, nor is it the core expertise of your team. However, like so many things we do, starting with a strong foundation will ensure that you are charting the right path.

We will discuss the criteria that insurance companies are using to evaluate and ultimately determine your insurability.

Whether you have already completed the extensive questionnaire or are just getting started, we will discuss how to group the questions into categories to better organize your responses and to understand how they are related so you can respond more effectively.

Finally, there are two key artifacts you will need to have:

  1. An Incident Response Plan, and
  2. A Business Continuity/Cyber Resiliency Plan.

We will cover the must have elements of these documents and how precisely to cover them.

Participants will come away with:

  • An understanding of how insurance companies are evaluating your insurability.
  • How to organize the questionnaire into manageable sections to more effectively respond.
  • The most important parts of the Incident Response Plan and the Business Continuity Plan and how precise they need to be.


Scott Munden, ACRP

Chief Operating Officer
Huntleigh Technology Group