Managed IT Services Provider & Outsourced IT

Partner with a Managed IT Services Provider

A break-fix strategy isn’t feasible to keep up with the pace of innovation. IT needs to be proactive. Business systems need to be automated to keep up with the growing demands in a digital world. 

With a managed IT system, companies no longer have to worry about data loss, IT process deployment, or business continuity. IT specialists handle these issues to keep businesses running. Managed IT solutions enable small businesses to play at the same level as enterprises without overextending themselves. Otherwise, you risk becoming obsolete in the eyes of your customers and lose out to competitors. 

Server Monitoring and Optimization

We are there 24/7 to manage and maintain the overall health and performance of your IT infrastructure.

IT Support

From troubleshooting to dealing with advanced issues, you have unlimited access to our 24/7 support that will be with you everyday to address all flaws in your systems.

Vendor Account Management

We act as a liaison between your third-party application vendors. We ensure all your vendor related concerns won’t interfere with your operations.

Hack Prevention

An in-depth protection on your network and users by our cybersecurity professionals, led by a virtual Chief Information Officer.

Managed Business Continuity

Guarantee your data is fully restored in case of a disaster or incident. We back it up, ensuring no single source of failure.

System Management

We manage your on-premise or virtual systems, from simple adds, changes to flow and on-premise to cloud migration.

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What is Outsourced IT?

Outsourced IT is the act of one business contracting another to manage all their technology needs. It’s like hiring a pre-made IT department that can already do everything you need them to do. More and more businesses are turning to managed IT services because it reduces the hassle of hiring and training internal staff. It’s also a cost-effective solution for businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT department.

Why choose Outsourced IT?

With a managed IT system, companies no longer have to worry about data loss, IT process deployment, or business continuity. Certified IT specialists handle these issues to keep businesses running. Having a managed IT solution enables small businesses to play at the same level as enterprises without overextending themselves.

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Let your business thrive with Managed IT Services.

Worrying about your company’s security vulnerabilities? If you’re constantly coping with IT issues, it may be high time to consider getting some external help. By partnering with a managed services provider, IT experts can help your business handle several tasks associated with monitoring and protecting your network. Let an MSP manage your infrastructure so your business can grow.

Partner with reliable IT support.

Established in 1977, BlackPoint IT has built its reputation as a trusted partner for business IT needs. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we augment your internal IT team by offering expertise and skills that your in-house staff may struggle with. By actively supporting your IT environment and monitoring your system, your business gets the insights and skills it needs to reap the full benefits of technology in achieving your business goals.

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Call Recording

Call recording: Save recordings of phone calls with critical or sensitive information.

Call Forwarding

Never miss an important call! Have them sent to your cell phone, home phone, or straight to voicemail.

Add and Remove Phone Numbers

Create additional lines for your business as needed. Not using a line? Just get rid of it!


Access your voicemail from anywhere—even when working remotely.


Feel safe and secure with unrestricted access to local emergency services.

Teams integration

Have access to Microsoft Teams from anywhere in the world.

Crazy-good service desk support when you need it.

Technical issues always stick around. It’s tough to pin an issue down alone. With BlackPoint IT staffed 24/7 365 days a year, you don’t have to delve on technical problems on your own. Our IT professionals ensure technical problems are resolved in no time. Our service and delivery team are always on standby to address your concerns.

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Great decisions start with solid guidance.

Small business resources are often strapped with tight budgets and minimal human capital, limiting their capabilities to expand for the future. Start making an educated decision with the help of a vCIO. A dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your business develops a strategic plan.

Locate all the issues in your
systems and technologies.

Issues monitored,
prevented, and resolved.

Backup and disaster recovery team


Nobody can guarantee you won’t be hit by malware. But if you were, we have a dedicated team to ensure your business gets back up in the event of a disaster at no extra fees.

Proactive 24/7 monitoring and remediation

Full support from IT experts who take proactive measures to reduce the amount of technical issues your organization has. We conduct patch management, data backup, and security alerts on your valuable assets.

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We’re not like other IT companies.

BlackPoint IT helps small businesses obtain an edge by giving clients transparency and clarity on essential metrics, intelligence that drives decision-making, and around-the-clock support at no additional cost. We provide IT solutions and value-added services that enhance the process and solutions you need to keep your IT infrastructure simpler and manageable.

How BlackPoint IT helps businesses today.

BlackPoint takes responsibility for the overall infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By outsourcing IT services, businesses can take advantage of the resources available. Enjoy the benefits of having an IT team without recruiting, training, and paying for an internal IT staff.

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We start from the backbone of your business.

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It starts with a full IT audit.

We will create an inventory of your systems and technologies—physical and digital—and conduct a penetration test, determining the strength of your security measures and locating outdated systems.

Network and Infrastructure Review

We analyze how your applications, cloud environment, and communication lines are delivered through your network and develop a summary of your network performance.

Present Recommendations

We present our observations based on the data gathered and lay down a personalized solution and a roadmap to move forward with necessary actions.

Our Managed Services Offerings

Fully or Co-managed Services

Take advantage of our support services. You own the technologies and we manage the systems.

Cost-efficient Services

Outsource your IT operations when you need a professional IT service firm at a budget that you can afford.

Strategic Leadership & IT Roadmapping

Work with a managed service partner that actively works to create an IT strategy and ensure you deploy the right solution.

In-depth Security Management

We protect your network and stop cyber threats before they happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can managed IT reduce my operational costs?

It varies from organization to organization. But yes, the performance of your IT assets decline as time passes. An aging infrastructure can leave you vulnerable to a data breach. When you choose a managed IT service or cloud hosting, your IT environment is maintained and updated regularly for optimal performance at a fraction of the cost.

What value will managed services bring to my business?

We aim to bring in technical expertise to your business. We’ll work with you to understand the nuances of advanced technology and explain the specifics of each recommendation we present.

What do you mean by around the clock support?

We have a service desk team available 24/7 that ensures every issue and concern you raise are addressed immediately. 

Will hiring an MSP be a threat to my internal IT team?

We won’t be a threat, rather we’ll be an extension of your current team. We fill in the gaps with our knowledge and industry experience. 

How do you monitor network conditions? Is it something we can see?

Yes. We have a custom dashboard that presents network activity, which can easily be accessible to your stakeholders. Our data-driven approach to reporting enables you to see a summary of your network performance. 

What is a Virtual CIO?

Every BlackPoint client has a dedicated virtual chief information officer. Our vCIOs facilitate monthly, quarterly, and annual technology planning to ensure your projects are running smoothly.   

To learn more about how our vCIOs can add value to your business,

How do you provide recommendations? Is that a paid assessment I must complete?

Our assessments start with a network performance analysis that identifies different applications connected to your network. After that, we set a timeframe and continue to monitor your usage and network activities. Once it’s complete, we collect the findings and formulate a consolidated report to help you understand the results. 


Who’s in-charge of my IT systems?

When you work with an MSP, you have access to experts such as network engineers, cloud managers, telecom architects, and cybersecurity professionals. Real experts manage your systems.

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