Hi everyone, Scott Munden here from Huntleigh Group.

Welcome to the final sequence. Part four in our cybersecurity series is on the security roadmap.

In the final sequence here, we want to give you some takeaways in terms of how to maximize the value of your security roadmap.

And there’s really five key points that we want you to take away from this.

  • First, align with your business objectives.
  • Second, set clear goals and objectives.
  • Third, prioritize your initiatives.
  • Fourth, allocate resources effectively.
  • Five, staff training and awareness.

So the first one, aligning with your business objectives. Everything else is going to kind of hinge against this.

In other words, if you’ve truly spent the time to line up your security roadmap with your business objectives, all the other pieces are going to kind of fall into place.

It’s going to allow you to set the clear goals and objectives.

It’s going to allow you to prioritize your initiatives based on what you want to spend, based on what your strategic objectives for the business are.

It’s going to allocate your resources effectively.

You’re going to know where that money is being spent. Instead of asking that question, we’re spending all this money, are we really protected? And then finally, we know that 90% of the incidents are occurring by unforced errors or human errors.

And so having a staff training and awareness program is going to be a critical element of your roadmap.

So these are the ways that you can take advantage or get value from the effort that you’ve put into developing a security roadmap.

We hope you enjoyed the series.

We’ll look forward to seeing you sooner!!