Hi everyone, Scott Munden here from Huntleigh Group.

Welcome to this four part sequence in our leadership series focused on time management.

There’s a lot of topics we could explore on time management, but what we want to do is provide you kind of a foundation to get started.

And our topic for today is assessing how you spend your time. So let’s focus on five key areas.
• The first is awareness, and that’s tracking your time. And this is going to occur over a period of maybe a week, couple of weeks, even longer if you feel it’s necessary, but it’s essentially logging how you’re spending your time.

• Number two is identifying your time wasters, and that’s really looking at the things that you do that may chase you down a rabbit hole, cause you to get distracted from where you’re supposed to be spending your time.

• Number three is identifying your peak productivity times. Some of us are morning people, some of us are afternoon. Some of us are evening people. But then aligning your more heavy duty tasks during your peak productivity times.

• Number four is realistic planning by logging and understanding how long it’s actually taking you to finish tasks versus what you estimated that would be. You’re going to be able to plan more realistically.

• And then finally, all of this is going to provide you with a basis for how to improve regardless of what you’ve set as your goals or objectives for time management.

So that’s the introduction to our first topic.

I’ll look forward to delivering the following three sequences.

Thanks for watching. We’ll see you soon.