Hi, everyone. Scott Munden here from Huntleigh Group.

Welcome to our four part series on 90 day roadmaps. And we ask at the outset of the series the question, are you getting the outcomes that you want from your planning activities? In other words, are you starting to see what you expect in terms of results? And we introduced the idea that you can significantly improve, or at least create greater visibility by sequencing a series of 90 day roadmaps structured around your plans.

We’ve broken the series into four parts. There’s nine different topics, and we’ve kind of categorized them.

  • The first topic is defining your objectives. So let’s go ahead and get started. All right, so defining objectives.
  • Number one, keep it focused and simple. You’ve already created a plan and you already have your longer term objectives. So stay within that 90 day window. Don’t overcomplicate it. Keep it simple.
  • Number two, get to the details. The whole purpose of 90 days is that it’s less ambiguous, outpass 90 days, much more difficult to get precise about timing and details within the 90 days. You can do that.
  • Number three, balance the outcomes I just mentioned. Don’t go too far out. Make sure that your objectives are aligned with your longer term objectives, and keep it focused.
  • Number four, define your measurements, even if that’s a weekly meeting to measure progress or you want to define specific KPIs within that 90 day windows have something that you’re going to measure with.

So those are the four key points defining your objectives within your 90 day roadmap. So there you have it. To reiterate that the purpose of the series is to help you improve the outcomes of your overall planning by creating a sequence of 90 day roadmaps again.

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