Hi, everyone. Scott Munden here from Huntleigh Group.

Welcome to part two in our four part series on creating 90 day road map sequences as they relate to your overall plan. And remember, the objective here is we’re trying to improve the outcome and results of your planning activities.

So in part one we talked about identifying objectives.

In part two, we’re going to talk about identifying key initiatives and then breaking those down into work streams. So let’s go ahead and get started.

Okay, so there’s two key steps here.

1. The first is identifying the key initiatives and you want to prioritize those by impact, the impact of achieving the objectives you defined in step number one.

2. Number two is then breaking that down into work streams. And there’s four key points of guidance that we want to give you here.

• One is functionally, so breaking it down functionally by department or value stream, however you choose.

• Number two is breaking it into phases. Like project phases. There is a beginning, there is an end, so break it up logically.

• Number three is if it’s appropriate. If this relates to a product service line, then make sure you’ve aligned that functionally as well as by service line. And then finally, geographic. If you work across multiple locations, make sure you’ve aligned your work streams to accommodate for any dependencies. So there you have it again.

To reiterate, we’re creating these sequence of 90 day roadmaps with the intention of improving the outcomes and the results of our planning activities.

As always https://huntleigh.com/videos/ https://huntleigh.com/blog/ come out and visit us. I’ll look forward to presenting the next segment. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you soon.