Hi, everyone. Scott Munden here from Huntleigh Group.

Welcome to part three in our four part series on creating a sequence of 90 day roadmaps to help improve the outcomes and results of your overall planning activities.

In part three, we’re going to go through steps four, five and six, which are assigning responsibilities, developing actionable tasks, and then setting milestones and KPIs. So let’s go ahead and get started.

So steps four, five and six are really kind of setup steps to give you a great baseline. Four is assigning responsibilities. It’s key that you make sure the responsibilities are clear and that you have a leader or an owner for each of the tasks.

Number five is to develop actionable tasks, which means taking your work streams and developing a series of actionable tasks, things that you can actually have clearly defined deliverables for.

Number six is to create milestones. So within your 90 day roadmap and the individual work streams, set milestones and create some KPIs. Even if your KPIs are progress based, that’s still going to give you a measure that you can take some informed decisions and make adjustments if you need to.

So there you have it. In the first three segments, we’ve kind of set up a great baseline for you to get started.

In our final segment, we’re going to get into the key steps in implementation and then a little bit of post mortem.

So https://huntleigh.com/videos/ https://huntleigh.com/blog/ check it out. I’ll look forward to presenting the final segment. Thanks for watching. See you soon.