Hi everyone, Scott Munden here from Huntleigh Technology Group.

Welcome to part three in our sequence covering the key elements of an information security policy.

Parts one and two, we covered one through six. Today, we’re going to cover seven, eight, and nine, which are operations and security communications, incident response management, compliance and legal requirements.

So let’s go ahead and get started.

  • Key element number seven is operations and communication security. These are the guidelines for secure operations of your information systems and the management of technical vulnerabilities. It covers things like network security, encryption, and secure communication protocols.
  • Number eight is incident response and management, and this is a big one. It covers the procedures for managing and responding to any incident, and there’s a lot involved with that, so we’ll go into more detail later.
  • Number nine is also a big one, compliance and legal requirements, because it’s ensuring that the policy and its practices are complying with all the legal regulations, compliance, regulatory requirements, and in most cases, even insurance.

So there you have it for seven, eight, and nine, part three of the key elements in an information security policy.

The final segment, the final sequence, part four we’ll be covering the last three.

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