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Reliable managed IT support and technology services.

We deploy technology that keeps your business running smoothly, your data safe from cyber criminals and human error, and your team productive and connected.

Our consultative IT services can reveal new opportunities for automation, productivity, growth, collaboration, revenue, cost-saving, and much more. Whatever your goals, you can reach them faster by leveraging the right technology:

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Why we do it.

Information technology is crucial to every advancing organization. Tech should be a boon and boost for your organization, not a burden or boondoggle!

Check the news nearly any day of the week and you’ll see what happens when technology isn’t correctly deployed, or is ineffectively supported:

  • Slow, unreliable desktop computers, whether in the office, home, or on the road, will bring organizations to a crawl.
  • Organizations may be fined, or forced to shut down, after an embarrassing, and needless, data breach.
  • Diverting important investments away from go-ahead projects, to deal reactively with avoidable incidents, with quick-fix responses.

If you’ve experienced any of these IT headaches, you know how wasteful and frustrating they are to you and your staff.

Proactive, expert, IT support will minimize your risks, maximize your productivity, and put a smile on your face, with a deep sigh of relief for everyone.

How we do it.

Focused, strategic, reliable technology solutions come from a trusted IT partner, not just an IT provider.

Such a partner is there for you, to educate, enable, and empower everyone in your organization. A real tech partner ensures that your IT is a flourishing asset, not a nagging liability.

We built Huntleigh to be the technology partner that we—ourselves– would want to work with, by first and foremost, providing the best customer experience, each and every step along the way.

Whatever your organization’s goals, together, we’ll map out a sound and sustainable technology path forward, which will speed you along the way to achieving your goals sooner, rather than later.


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Who we are.

The biggest success stories don’t happen accidentally, nor overnight. Planning, guidance, strategy, execution, collaboration, team effort, and heads-up management, all are critical factors for sustained success.

If your organization is going to succeed in fast-paced or daunting environments, it helps immensely to have the right people pushing forward with you. And, since enabling technology is a key factor in an organization’s success, having the right IT talent on board with you is more important than ever.

That’s why we take pride in our team. We’ve attracted the best, with expert knowledge in their fields, with a commitment to customer support and service. And they don’t just know our core values, they demonstrate them every single day.

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